Thursday, June 25, 2015

Top 10 NBA Draft Takeaways

Oh Those Knicks
10) No team in the lottery made any trades, which made fans of chaos and playoff teams furious

9) Cameron Payne's third person game is already at the level of a 10-year veteran

8) Enough tall people made occasionally interesting choices in clothing to keep ESPN awake

7) Since the Warriors won the NBA championship, the Lakers took a star/flop risk at the #2 pick in D'Angelo Russell

6) With Russell off the board, the Sixers went into full Big Man Nihilist Pout Mode with Jahlil Okafor and second round bigs, which means they plan to start a team with five centers, and win games by holding the other team scoreless

5) You will be very surprised to learn that God had a lot to do with this draft, and deserved a significant amount of credit

4) Charlotte continued their quest to only draft forward who can't defend, otherwise known as guys that Michael Jordan can still beat one on one

3) Knick Fan lost their minds when Phil Jackson took a 7-foot three-point shooter from Latvia, whose name will be changed to Andrea Tskitishvili Jianlin Darko Weis

2) I'm not saying that Boston has a guard hoarding problem, but they really need to ventilate the room and admit that they can't play more than five of them at a time

1) It's an exaggeration to say that every lottery pick is going to provoke an eventual trade, because, well, Knicks

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