Monday, June 15, 2015

Top 10 Takeaways: Cavs - Warriors Game Five

Post Delly Shake
10) LeBron James had 40/14/11 in a game the Warriors blew open late, and you are forgiven for thinking those are mutually exclusive

9) Ever since the media decided that Matthew Dellevedova was the Stephen Curry Stopper, Curry is 18 for 33 from the arc and over 50% from the field, and went crazy Broadway-style late to end this one, while more or less smirking at Delly's efforts to stop him

8) Andre Iguodala stopped the "Warrior MVP" talk with cover-your-eyes free throw shooting that gave the Cavs a little hope late

7) Tens of thousands of people went to watch a game on TV in an arena, because Cleveland Fan prefers sharing the sadness

6) It was nice of the Warriors to miss a mess of free throws and keep the game close until the late surge

5) For much of the first half, JR Smith was scoring efficiently and Cleveland was leading, which is not a coincidence

4) Leandro Barbosa played some effective defense against James, which is to say that Steve Kerr has Scary Jedi Powers

3) Dellevedova got away with a falling armbar on Draymond Green as a mutual foul referee wuss out, because noticing Delly's playoff-long penchant for injury inducement is seemingly not possible for NBA refs

2) It's clear now that the Cavs have to choose between Smith or Timofey Mozgov as LeBron's Teammate Who Is Having A Good Game

1) It's 3-2 Warriors, and if you don't think James is going to the free throw line 20+ times to force a very, very lucrative Game Seven for ABC/ESPN, I admire the child-like naivete that you bring to the world

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