Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Top 10 Warriors - Cavs Game Three Takeaways

No, You Can't Slide Tackle In Hoop
10) For three quarters, this was a runaway and Stephen Curry sucked and then, um, not so much

9) When JR Smith is making threes, Cleveland is an astoundingly better team

8) One of these games, Harrison Barnes is going to score a basket, honest

7) It's not true that LeBron James is getting triple doubles before the whistle starts

6) People who think that Steve Kerr just needed to play David Lee more have obviously not seen David Lee play defense, in that, well, David Lee does not play defense

5) When James was off the court for the first minute of the fourth quarter, the Cavs suddenly turned into the Washington Generals, setting up the entire fourth quarter comeback

4) The Matthew Dellevedova dive save was set up by an uncalled yellow card when James slide-tackled Curry to set up the turnover, because everyone of these games is setting up as Ref Horror

3) The Warriors were in a road game when the starting frontcourt shot 4 for 21 with 16 rebounds in 65 minutes

2) ABC/ESPN couldn't be more pleased with how this is going, seeing how every game has been close, and it looks like it's going to go deep

1) James has the most points in the first three games in Finals history, and he is really making life hard on the people who want to tell you he sucks

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