Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Top 20 takeaways from Cavs - Warriors Game Six

Strongest Number: One Championship
20) Steve Kerr is already the best coach in franchise history, which basically means he's better than Don Nelson

19) With the franchise possibly changing areans soon, this could be the last championship ever for the East Bay / Oaktown, which is just all kinds of wrong

18) If you had told Dub Fan that Andrew Bogut would be a healthy DNP-CD tonight, while Leandro Barbosa would be on the floor for the clinching minutes, he probably just shrugs, because that's how they roll

17) Curry beat the other four members of the first team all-NBA roster in this playoff run, and, um, had something of a year

16) Cav Fan can console himself with the fact that they'll be back in the Finals again next year, and that they got a great price for their lower bowl seats from traveling Dub Fan

15) There's no truth to the rumor that Shawn Marion keyed David Blatt's car after the game, because Blatt isn't allowed to drive

14) LeBron James is now 2-4 in the Finals, which will be used by remarkably clueless people to try to deny his status as the best player of his generation, and one of the best five in the history of the game

13) It was nice of the Warriors to not have any signature play to increase the karmic load on Cleveland Fan's memory banks

12) NBA teams should take note of Kerr's progress from the broadcast booth to the championship and hire Reggie Miller ASAP, and we will somehow get over the loss of him from telecasts

11) One of these days, someone might notice just how good the Dubs are on defense, and how many of the players (Curry, Thompson, Barbosa) stopped being sieves as soon as they got a non-useless coach

10) Matthew Dellevedova scored one more point than you and I did tonight, and can go back to the fringe of NBA rosters from whence he came

9) Draymond Green's triple double snuck up on everyone, but not Green

8) Timofey Mozgov's 17/12 with 4 blocks spoke just a wee bit to the, um, wisdom of Blatt running away from him in Game Five

7) Kerr's championship, and the fact that he got to violently change starter minutes without a mutiny, should put the final nail in the coffin of Mark Jackson's coaching reputation

6) No Warrior had Finals experience before this series, so you can put that meme, along with Jump / 3-Point Shooting Teams Can't Win, in the dumpster of history where it belongs

5) LeBron James 32/18/9 did take 33 shots to accomplish, but for heaven's sake, he got completely robbed of the Finals MVP award

4) The Dubs end the year at 83-19, 12-4 in the playoffs, and need to be in the conversation for Best Team Ever, though no one will give that up unless they do it a few more times

3) J.R. Smith had 15 in the fourth quarter and hit a mess of crazy threes to help the Cavs lose with honor / wonder why the hell he couldn't have done more of that in the other 260+ minutes of Finals play

2) Andre Iguodala is the first Finals MVP to not start a game before the Finals, so on some level, honestly, you can give the MVP to Kerr, too

1) A franchise that was Knicks West in terms of being an utter laughingstock now looks like an extremely credible threat to being the next NBA dynasty, and did it by being one of the most fun team to watch in history

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