Thursday, June 11, 2015

Warriors - Cavs Game Four Top 10 Takeaways

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10) Dubs coach Steve Kerr went small from the start, stayed with it after a 0-7 start, and may have changed the entire series for the Warriors

9) Every time a guy gets hurt in a collision with baseline cameramen, people wonder why the hell they are there, and yet, they always remain

8) When David Blatt gets animated and emotional, it's almost as if he's the coach of the team

7) Twitter exploded over the remarkable performance of the Cavalier catering staff

6) The Cavs' third quarter comeback came with the tempo slowing and more rocks being thrown

5) LeBron James flashed his junk early in the game, and the world did not end, so I think we've progressed as a species

4) Andre Iguodala made his first start of the season, and might have played the best game of his career

3) Timofey Mozgov was the best Cav tonight, which is to say, the Cavs lost handily

2) It turns out that having a deep bench and playing up-tempo against an injury-racked team that only uses 7 total players is, actually, a winning strategy

1) Since the Warriors won, I guess living by the 3 or jump shot is OK again, and James is no longer clutch / immortal

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