Thursday, July 30, 2015

Five Brief and Obvious Points About Tom Brady's Suspension Being Upheld

This header alone = four games
> Patriots owner Bob Kraft says he was "wrong to put his faith in the league." Wow, Bob. The scab refs didn't do it. Various instances of lockout didn't do it. The cover-up of head trauma for ex-players didn't do it. Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson and Boutygate and all the rest didn't make you lose your faith in the league. But hitting your star player in the nuts for obvious malfeasance? That does it. Mighty Patriots of you, Robert Kraft.

> Brady's puling about how the destruction of his cell phone proves nothing... um, a moment here, Dreamboat. Maybe rich people treat their stuff differently. Maybe making more in one year of playing ball than I will make in my life means you go gorilla on your tech. But I've owned phones for 15 years now, including some that I was well and truly sick of by the time they were no longer useful, and I never out and out destroyed one. You do understand that the rest of the world pretty much stopped listening to you right at that point, right?

> If anyone involved actually thought that arbitrator Roger Goodell was going to rule against what judge Roger Goodell decided... um, yeah. There's no one getting out of this clean.

> The NFLPA is planning to fight this, because, um, the NFLPA fights everything. It's what unions do, because if you are paying union dues and they don't fight for against your penalty, you may be history's greatest monster. Patriot Fan really should not take any great comfort from this.

> Finally, if you think the NFL is wrong to degrade its opening weekend game by having the defending champions play with their QB2... you do remember how the NFL spent most of its Super Bowl hype week dealing with deflated footballs, right? And that the NFL doesn't do well with people who in any way embarrass them, otherwise known as why Bill Simmons and Keith Olbermann don't work for ESPN any more? Frankly, I'm kind of amazed that Brady didn't get *more* games for daring to appeal...

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