Thursday, July 23, 2015

FTT Off-Topic: Please Hurt Anyone Who Pays To See "Pixels"

These are all Adam Sandler DVDs
Not really sports, but closer than most rants. Read or roll.

Every year, Adam Sandler excretes a movie in time to punish people who watch the NBA, because Sandler has targeted the summer and sports fans as those who are most likely to think two hours of their time and $10-15 of their money is essentially table stakes for air conditioning.

Now, on some level, you should be able to drum up some contrary capitalism support for this. Fools should be separated from their money, and amen to that; it's what has paid the bills for the Shooter Family for decades now. (The day jobs have been in marketing and advertising.)

But the problem with this kind of laissez-faire crapitalism is the message it is giving to our children. It is far too easy for people to grow up in this country and think that Sandler, and everyone that takes his money to appear in his movies, is someone who could be considered "funny." Between Sandler and the hordes of god-awful YouTubers, the current boom in great comedy is being threatened. And we can no longer assume that the mainstream will catch up to the decade-old memo that Sandler hasn't even been trying to be funny, just idiotic, for freaking ever. Modern life moves too fast to trust in slow reveals.

So it's time to go after the only vulnerable link in the chain here. Namely, Sandler's audience.

What I'm proposing is not an invitation to violence. (Though, on some level, I think the only funny thing about this latest movie would be if people beat the crap out of people who try to see it.) Rather, I'm proposing some degree of pain and punishment for anyone you know who pays. Out them on social media, use the "well, it was funnier than Pixels" to talk about all sorts of things in your life that don't involve comedy.

The exact punishment here isn't as important as the concept, and what we, as a society, might be able to achieve -- the end of these terrible, terrible vehicles, and the vast improvement of not hearing about them during NBA games..

Together, we can build a better world. All it will take is head slaps, shaming via social media,  and the focus required to hurt people who truly, seriously, deserve it... because they are enabling some of the worst human beings walking the planet.

Join with me, won't you?

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