Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Top 10 reasons why the Pelicans signed Kendrick Perkins

What A Charmer
10) He brings championship experience, and Adam Morrison didn't take their calls

9) Want to provide Anthony Davis a flagrant foul mentor

8) It's the best way to improve the confidence of Omer Asik on a day-in, day-out level of practice

7) 30-year-olds who join four teams in four years are the way to build deep playoff clubs

6) Will combine with Jimmer Fredette to give fans an all-important DNP-CDs of name guys

5) Perk can fail to guard many positions

4) Team was really lacking in "Shaqing A Fool" candidates

3) Something of a psychological experiment to see if the Smoothie King stadium sponsorship can kill a man

2) Really helps, well, shrink the floor when the Pels want to play ineffective, rather than small or big

1) As the photo shows, he's just so gosh-darned cheery to be around

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