Monday, August 17, 2015

10 Reasons Why Robert Griffin III Feels That He's The Best QB In The NFL

I Haz The Best Sad
10) Only really knows the other QBs on the Slurs, so, well, sure

9) Remaining sentient and ambulatory with this offensive line requires super powers

8) Has been hanging out with DeSean Jackson, and feels like he needs to take the Ego Game up to a new level

7) Winning games and staying healthy is so overrated

6) Knows that he has to impress the team's next coach with his confidence, seeing as how that guy will get the job within three months

5) Has been told by surgeons that they stuffed his knees with extra greatness

4) Does not understand the difference between the NFL and CFB

3) Wanted to help the fan base fall into the annual delusion called Hope in the Snyder Era

2) If he's the best QB in the league, he can't lose his job to Colt McCoy

1) By convincing the team that he's the best QB in the NFL, they might actually remove him from games when he's putting his career at risk

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