Monday, August 3, 2015

Chip Kelly and the Racism Mistake

People, people, people... I understand. Honestly, I do.

It is very *easy* to think that Chip Kelly is a racist.

After all, he's ran off many outspoken and outstanding black athletes for little to no return on value.

Like most racists, Kelly purports to just know more and better than you do.

Like most racists, Kelly believes that if you would simply bow down and think the way he does and toe the line, everything would just go swimmingly.

Like most racists, Kelly does not tolerate difference, diversity of thought, or any creativity or self-expression that isn't his.

Like most racists, Kelly thinks that if he just hews to his principles long and hard enough, the world will bow to his will, because he simply knows more and better than everyone else.

Like most racists, the people who choose to associate with Kelly will make excuses for him, justify his behavior, and otherwise enable him.

I understand, honestly. The similarities are strong.

That's because racism is, at its heart, incredibly, relentlessly and impossibly all-day STUPID.

Just like Chip!

So let others recognize players as having Pro Bowl talent. Kelly knows it's all about his scheme. Let other teams look past height and weight to measure performance. Kelly will keep a talented cover corner on the bench to only go against other small players, while Tall Guys gets toasted to the point of blowing a playoff date. Let others draft offensive linemen, take health into account while measuring the worth of players, lock down star players before they get to free agency rather than create holes you have to fill in the draft, or avoid sideshows who can not play, but can sell jerseys. Kelly will be his own man, dammit, and he will win his own way, with his own players. Until those guys don't work out either, at which point they'll leave for other, better organizations.

But to the next Eagle of note who gets shown the door for far less than he's worth, so that Nero can continue to wheel and deal his way to double digit losses in a mediocre division, in his quest to be the very worst GM in the long and unstoried history of an organization that hasn't been good enough in 55 years, just say this:

I'm fine with moving on to a new team. Because I'm going to be in the league longer than this clown.

See? No racism. No issues. Just plain and simple truth.

That even truly stupid people will understand.

Just life Chip!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You are an idiot. You've essentially said anyone stupid is a racist. By that argument, you must be racist.
Chip believes in system and harmony to be more important than the minor bump you get because of a marginally talented player.

Go Chip. He may be right and he may be wrong, but he has an approach and he is sticking to it.

Wake up, open your mind and stop spouting your idiocy.

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