Tuesday, September 1, 2015


So the DC Slurs finally did the deed today, and admitted what the Internets have been saying for days: Kirk Cousins, who will commit turnovers in the air rather than on the ground, will be the team's QB in 2015, or at least, the only part of the 2015 season where the fan base, such as it is, will pay attention.

And from a very limited perspective, it makes sense. If you want to lose the least this year, Cousins gives you the best chance to do that. He's young enough to maybe even get to a point where he belongs in the NFL, and unlike Colt McCoy, he hasn't shown that he can't do the job at other stops yet. Erstwhile QB1 and Rookie of the Year Robert Griffin III just looks utterly lost right now, like he's just waiting to get hurt, or he's just lost interest in playing football anymore, and honestly, I get it. The offensive line are turnstiles, the coaches have had it in for you for years now, and only the ownership that gave up a king's ransom wants you around any more. I doubt that I'd be a cheery soul in meetings and huddles, either.

The bigger issue, as it is with every dysfunctional franchise, is how they've taken an asset and ran it into the ground. Griffin should never have gone for everything that DC gave up to St. Louis to get him -- this franchise has had paiper-maiche over holes for so long, they've forgotten the existence of the holes -- but he still was a clear pick where he went in the Andrew Luck Draft, and looked for all the world like a comparable player early in his career. It's really hard to say who wasted this asset more, the team or the player, but considering what the franchise did in racing to get the man back on the field after injury in a playoff game, it's not that hard, really.

So what's next? Well, expecting Cousins to keep the job all year is nuts, as this is a bottom five roster in terms of talent, and nothing makes QB1 more expendable than playing out the string. Griffin is likely to get another shot at this, probably with another coach, because that's just how bad teams work. From what we can tell, Griffin has lost his coach and the locker room, but not the owner, which is to say, the only thing that matters. I suspect he'll go from 3 to 1 by Thanksgiving, and maybe even win a game or two down the stretch, just to make it look like the entire bad year has been self-inflicted.

But you're not supposed to look like you have figured out the most important position in American sports, then have it all go horribly backward. That's just a special level of bad that only DC gets to go to.

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