Sunday, September 27, 2015

Eagles - Jets Diary

Do not touch the hem of his garment
> K Cody Parkey can't get it into the end zone, but the coverage does the job

> Jets Fan is very loud; don't think many Eagle Fans made the trip to see an 0-2 trainwreck

> RB Bilial Powell for four, solid running and surge

> False start on the home team, then QB Ryan Fitzpatrick from an empty backfield to WR Jeremy Kerley to set up 3rd and 5

> Big early down for field position is Fitzpatrick from the gun to Kerley, who drops the ball, gets the catch anyway, and is short of the sticks

> The Jets punt, and PR Darren Sproles gets no chance on a high short kick with a good bounce

> QB Sam Bradford from the gun to start, internal run to Sproles, who wiggles his way through for five

> More tempo than usual, with QB Sam Bradford hitting LB David Harris on the hands for a dropped pick, but defensive holding gets a charity flag

> RB Ryan Mathews with the best running play of the year so far, going for 27 with power and good God, a hole and a burst and woo

> Bradford bounces a bad ball off Mathews, then throws another terrible ball to him that he catches for a mess of a smoke screen

> 3rd and 13 out of figgie range is a big damned deal, and it's Bradford from long clock to WR Jordan Matthews for 17

> Nice throw and catch, really big play

> From the Jet 20, it's Sproles on the long sweep left, and he's shifty for five

> Mathews for power up the gut, gets the first down and looks so much better than Murray, it's not funny

> Bradford to Sproles for a middle screen that nearly gets him killed, bad scheme with Harris ending it

> 2nd and goal from the 9 is Sproles on slow handoff left, the Jet defensive line winning every battle

> 3rd and goal from the 13 is Just Avoid A Turnover time, and Bradford from the gun misses WR Miles Austin

> The WR was actually open, but Bradford missed him, and outside of the Mathews throw, didn't look good during that drive

> Eagles 3, Jets 0, and it says something about the 2015 season that Red Zone Fail feels really good

> 40 rushing yards on the first drive is more than Green averages in an entire game this year

> Parkey's weak limp of a kick just drips out of bounds, and the Jets will start at their own 40, with the K's bad year continuing

> Powell for a yard, with LB Jordan Hicks doing damage

> Fitzpatrick to WR Quincy Enunwa for five, quick out

> 3rd and 4 from the gun is Fitzpatrick to WR Brandon Marshall, but CB Brandon Maxwell is all over it, and stops it short of the sticks for another 3 and out

> Sproles lets a punt bounce at the five, but it checks up perfectly for very solid work by the Jets STs

> From the 2, it's Bradford from the gun with borderline grounding into a blitz, with WR Nelson Agholor looking gun-shy

> Slow tempo give to Mathews for three, and the 1 of 14 third and long percentage on the year doesn't inspire confidence

> Delay of game from third and seven, and feel free to lose confidence on Cross-Eyed Sam

> Third and nine from the gun to a loud crowd is a checkdown to Sproles, who commits an act of magic to move the sticks

> Loss of five on the stretch sweep that this team should never, ever, call again because they have no guards, but the coach is a genius

> Matthews for a yard on the inner run everyone can predict, then 3rd and 13 from the gun is a miss to Agholor, but would have been called back anyway on a hold by G Allen Barbre

> P Donnie Jones gets it off despite pressure, and the erosion of the STs from last year's team continues

> Fitzpatrick to Enunwa, who drops it, and the loss of WR Eric Decker has hurt the home team so far

> 2nd and 10 is a nice catch by Kerley on a slant, not a great throw, just short of the first

> 3rd and 1 from the 46 is play action to TE Jeff Cumberland for the first, Eagles missing their starting LBs there

> Powell dances too much and sits, then its Fitzpatrick to Marshall, slung backwards by S Malcolm Jenkins for a loss

> Really nice play by the safety to set up 3rd and 17

> Fitzpatrick from the gun settles for Kerley on a safe screen, and Hicks stops it at the 50

> P Ryan Quigley continues his solid day by checking one out at the 8 yard line, and if you bet the under, that sounds like a sound move

> Predictable run to Mathews, but he wades through it for five yards

> Bradford to Matthews, looked liked Green got away with illegal motion, but it moves the sticks and ends the quarter

> Bradford from an empty backfield to TE Zach Ertz, ball was high and nearly got him killed, but he makes the catch for nine yards anyway

> Internal run to Sproles, no push, loss of two, and ye gads, this is a bad line

> 3rd and 3 is a blitz that's picked up, and Austin gets open, but Bradford isn't accurate enough, and CB Antoine Cromartie knocks it down to end the drive

> Bradford still playing pretty terrible football, really

> Long punt by Jones, Kerley makes four guys miss and gets 13 on the return

> RB Zac Stacy for a couple, then Fitzpatrick tries WR Devin Smith on a jump ball, but CB Nolan Carroll makes the play

> 3rd and 8 to get off the field sees the QB get nailed on a delayed blitz, with LB Connor Barwin doing a nice job

> Maxwell got away with a hold on the play, but at least he was close enough to do that

> Sproles with absolute magic on a punt return touchdown, the sixth of his career, and honestly, that was freaking fantastic

> Patience on a long kick, an 89-yard return where Sproles makes four guys miss, and it's suddenly Eagles 10, Jets 0

> Parkey can't kick anymore, but this offense won't make him do that much; coverage stops it at the 22

> Powell with a big hole for seven, left side of the line just collapsed

> NT Brandon Bair with a good stop to save third and short

> 3rd and 2 to get off the field again is Fitzpatrick from an emphy backfield, 3-man rush, but the QB misses Kerley and that's another three and out

> Quigley with a higher kick this time, and Sproles has to make it a fair catch

> Matthews with great effort for a yard, then Bradford hits him in the hands on a wide open wheel route, dropped and good grief

> 3rd and 9 from the gun is long clock and a drop by Austin, short of the sticks, and this offense can't overcome mistakes, because the QB is terrible and the coach insists on playing WRs who can't win against quality CBs

> Good coverage of the punt sets the Jets up at their own 27

> Screen to Powell should lose a lot more than it does

> 2nd and 10 from the gun is a checkdown to Stacy and Jets Fan is starting to boo

> 3rd and 7 is a heave from the QB under pressure, and Kerley makes a great one handed catch, but can't get both feet down

> The Jets challenge anyway, because their crowd can't accept reality, but there's no way this is getting overturned

> After the wasted time out, Quigley's sixth punt of the day leads to an immediate takedown of Sproles

> From their 25, Matthews gets 10 on the internal run that can't come as a surprise to anyone, so good execution

> Matthews again to the left, gets nothing, then Bradford from the gun has all day, then wiggles around to connect with Ertz for 21

> The TE had time to wave the ball in, so let's not compliment the QB too much

> Sproles for 2, then Bradford from the gun to Jordan Matthews for 6

> Third and 2 with pace is Sproles to the right, and he gets 12 against a misaligned defense

> From the gun, Bradford with all day, then derps a ball to WR Matthews

> Weak work by the QB to wander into pressure, really

> Bradford to RB Matthews, wheel route is wide open again, and this time the RB catches the ball and gets to the pylon

> Best ball of the day by the Eagle QB, and it's 17-0 after 25 minutes

> Fitzpatrick to Marshall for 20, and the WR tries a senseless lateral for a gift turnover to the defense

> Hicks with the on the spot recovery, and there's no way that should be overturned and bail out utter stupidity

> The refs don't reverse, and the road team has a real chance for serious separation

> Bradford misses Agholor on a fairly deep cross, and the offensive line is doing the work on pass protection

> 2nd and 10, checkdown to Sproles for no gain, but the Jets take a dumb suplex penalty for 15 as their fans go nuts

> Kind of a hateful flag, but that's the league now

> From the Jets 21, Sproles for 3, then Matthews for 8 on the sprint draw, now with a hint of subterfuge and a RB that's fast

> From the 10, Matthews with patience to the 4, and DeMarco Murray can stay hurt

> Bradford blitzed, gets it off to Jordan Matthews, just shy of the end zone

> Tempo give to Sproles, he bulls his way in, and it's 24-0 with two minutes left in the first half, and you couldn't call this expected

> Credit where due: Cooper did good work there

> G Andrew Gardner on the ground following the score, but able to walk off

> Parkey, high and short, coverage is on it

> Fitzpatrick checks down to Enunwa, and that's the 2-minute warning

> Powell moves the sticks on a wide open internal run, then the Jets take a lot of time before a slow run, stopped by DE Vinny Curry for a loss

> Enunwa with a great catch, gets up and gets more

> Sack by Barwin, set up by Curry, Jets timeout and a mistake by the QB to not get away

> 45 seconds left, and Fitzpatrick gets it to Smith, again, poor clock management

> 3rd down is a conversion to Marshall, but he can't get out of bounds, and that's the home team's final timeout

> 17 seconds to go and no timeouts, Fitzpatrick misses an open Smith in the end zone

> 12 seconds left, so a sack could save points... but Fitzpatrick finds Marshall in the end zone, and it's still a game

> Really the only weak work by the defense in the half

> RB Kenyon Barner collects a dribble kickoff and is downed before the clock ends, so Bradford has to take a knee and lose a yard from his race against Murray for total rushing yards

> Before we go announcing the return of Prosperity, Bradford is 10 of 20 for 92 yards and a score, with all of about two really good throws

> After the touchback that other teams get, it's Bradford from the gun on the wheel to Jordan Matthews, incomplete but with an 18 yard DPI flag

> G Mat Tobin in, Gardner out, which isn't likely to help

> Lots of time, checkdown to Matthews, and the WR gets to the sticks

> Slow draw to Sproles, no gain, then a sack with illegal formation, and yeah, the line is still bad

> Third and 20 is a check down to Sproles, gets 9, and that's that

> Jones to the 12, fair catch by Kerley, and the offense hasn't done enough to put this away

> Fitzpatrick to Smith on a rollout for 16, really easy play as Maxwell isn't close enough to defend

> Powell too slow, with S Nate Thurmond taking him down for a 1 yard loss

> Pass rush doesn't get there, and Marshall gets 16 on another out, defense starting to lose contain

> Bair with big pressure and a deflection, nearly a disaster for the Jets, but just an incompletion

> Fitzpatrick's pass sails high, maybe on pressure, and it's 3rd and 10

> Very important play to keep the momentum is Fitzpatrick from the gun, tries Smith on a fly, but CB Eric Rowe has it locked down

> Powell stoned Hicks on the blitz, but no harm done

> Quigley with a good punt, and Sproles can only run it out of bounds

> From the 10, smoke screen to Matthews for five, then not very fast tempo before a super telegraphed incomplete same play, and what the hell

> Third and five with the possible auto-eject is Bradford from the gun, long clock, and a forced slant to Austin doesn't work at all

> That entire series existed in a 10-foot window to short left, and would have embarrassed a high school offense

> Jones punts, good return, and this is a game that's just begging to be given away

> From the Eagles 45, it's a terrible delayed draw, but Powell gets five out of it

> Jets with tempo now, and it results in Barwin jumping for an offsides and a second and next to nothing

> Fitzpatrick tries Marshall in the end zone, but Carroll gets the deflection with no flag

> Third and inches is a QB sneak for five, because my defense is really dumb

> With tempo, Fitzpatrick from the gun and long count, with a Favrian shovel to Powell for no gain

> Powell for six yards on good running after a checkdown

> 3rd and 5 to save a long figgie at least is Fitzpatrick from the gun, trying Smith in the end zone; Rowe makes a great pick and a flag goes against the offense, so phew

> Like most things from preseason, day is night and night is day, and Rowe's been great

> Matthews for 2, then nothing, and you can sure count on this offense to burn clock

> Third and 8 from the gun is Bradford to Sproles, who drops a perfect pass for what might have been a score

> The wheel route is the only route in the Eagles playbook that gets someone open

> Jones punts, coverage is good, defense gets to do it all over again with still 21 minutes left in the game

> From their own 30, Fitzpatrick with the obvious screen to Stacy, LB Brandon Graham eats it for a loss of five

> 2nd and 15 is long clock and a ball into the dust as Bair jumped into the eye line

> 3rd and 15 from the gun is a give up screen for no gain and a chorus of boos, just a really good game for this unit so far

> Quigley to the 29, Sproles with a fair catch, and 19 minutes left

> Matthews for 6, nice quicks on the stretch draw

> Bradford to Sproles on a smoke screen from an empty backfield for a yard, just no other place for the defense to cover

> 3rd and 3 run is stuffed, and for all of the geisha work that the media wants to do for Nero, this offense has scored 17 points while being given an embarrassment of opportunities

> If the offense had just derped it up with normal tempo, this game might be over already

> From their 19 with 18 minutes left, Fitzpatrick to Smith for 11, then all day to throw into double coverage; attempted arm punt incomplete

> 2nd and 10 is Powell for 4, and third and six with 17 minutes left is a big damned deal

> Fitzpatrick to Marshall converts for 14, high throw into punishment, but he's a real WR

> From the Jets 48, empty backfield, Fitzpatrick misses Cumberland, and wow, no one's good here

> Fitzpatrick escapes a sack and gets 5 yards, and that's the end of the third quarter

> Third and 5 from the Eagle 47 is a big damned deal, and its Fitzpatrick from the gun, forcing it to Marshall, and clear holding on Maxwell for the first

> Powell for 3 before NT Bennie Logan gets him down, clock running, run, clock, run

> Fitzpatrick to Cumberland, poor throw limits RAC

> 3rd and 2 for another possible kill shot has the Jet QB trying to run for it, and the spot gets it

> Graham's tackle rolled the QB forward for the first

> 13 minutes left, and a false start makes things harder for the home team

> Indecision and a poor throw from the rollout by Fitzpatrick to Kerley

> Long clock, then Fitzpatrick to Marshall, their only weapon, for 20 and the first

> Fitzpatrick to Enunwa for 8, then Marshall for a yard on pressure from MLB DeMecco Ryans

> 3rd and 1 is Fitzpatrick keeping it for a yard and a first down, and you would have no idea that the home team was down 17 from the pace shown here

> Marshall drops a touchdown, though Jenkins had decent coverage

> Fitzpatrick to Kerley, slant for the score, and that was easy; defense overplayed Marshall

> K Nick Folk for the not automatic PAT, and it's a 16 play, 81 yard drive, 8-minute drive

> Eagles 24, Jets 14, and with 9:37 left, the defense will only have to stop 3 or 4 more possessions to get a win

> 122 to 21 on second half yards as the kickoff team takes a knee

> Loud crowd as Matthews gets 13 on the sprint draw that DeMarco Murray is too slow to run

> Detention Mode for the offense, and Matthews gets 9 to the right, two really big plays for what has been a bad sequence

> More Detention Mode, then a conversion up the middle

> Empty backfield, Bradford in Detention Mode, then Matthews with the back-breaking fumble on the sweep

> Harris with the play, and good grief

> Fitzpatrick to Powell for 11, all kinds of body language for them now, Maxwell with poor technique going for the ball

> Incompletion as Fitzpatrick is behind Kerley, then a tipped ball and Hicks gets the answer turnover

> Bair with the tip from pressure, and make no bones about it -- the defense won this game, no other unit

> With 6:28 left, Matthews for five and with many timeouts left, game is far from over

> Detention Mode from the gun for no gain to Matthews, and it's curious that the team has no other RB they want to give the ball to right now -- GM Nero strikes again

> 3rd and 5 from the gun with five minutes left is Bradford trying Agholor against CB Darelle Revis, and the best thing that could happen is an incomplete, really

> Jones takes contact but gets no flag, and Kerley returns it to the Jets 23

> Once more into the breach, dear defense

> From the gun, Fitzpatrick to Enunwa checkdown, tick tick tick

> QB hit before an incomplete, holding not called

> 3rd and 4 from the gun is a back shoulder throw to Marshall, moves the sticks and he's a beast; holding on Maxwell waved off

> Powell for 12 on great effort, but does not get out of bounds

> Batted pass after a long clock burn helps a bit

> Tipped ball on a force to Marshall, Thurmond with the pick, and a great play by the DB to get the ball and the feet down

> Guess what, a sweep on first, stopped for a loss and a timeout

> Give to Matthews, who gets seven yards and burns another Jet timeout

> Third and five for the possible kill shot is a give up run to Sproles, because it's not as if this offense can do a damned thing

> Last Jets timeout, still 3+ minutes left

> Jones with a short kick, but the coverage team is up to the task

> Fitzpatrick to Powell, 12 yards and out of bounds

> Fitzpatrick misses Enunwa high, then misses Powell to the left, and he's just trying to avoid another turnover at this point

> 3rd and 10 from the gun is good pressure, and a bailout to Powell for two on QB mobility

> Folk tries from 54 and connects, and it's still very much a game, because trying to win with only a defense is damned difficult

> 2:34 left with no timeouts is a likely onside kick

> Trickery from the Jets, with two kickers lining up for onside, but WR Siri Ajirotutu gets the recovery, and Phew

> From the Jet 48, it's a slow sweep to the left for Matthews for 2 yards, because no other play is allowed on first down

> Assuming no points on this drive, the offense will have scored 17 points on 13 possessions, and win by 7 in a game where they were +3 on turnovers

> Two minute warning, then Matthews for 2 more, and the RB had one hand on the ball just to add insanity to things

> 3rd and 6 and this will be a running play to eat clock, with as much imagination as the rest of the calls today

> Illegal subs with 12 men on offense, and I have no words for Nero's Brilliant Offense

> 3rd and 11 is another flag, because why not, false start on Ertz and good grief

> 3rd and 16 from the 46 is blocked off, but a hands to the face flag from the defense is an automatic first down, and a fitting end to an afternoon of Really Bad Football

> Two kneeldowns from Bradford, and that's a bad win for a bad team, but the upcoming schedule is a great mess of tomato cans, so, um, woo

> With Dallas losing at home, DC Still Terrible and the Giants being the Giants, hope springs pointlessly

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