Wednesday, September 2, 2015

FTT Off-Topic: A Brief and Obvious Point About What Matters

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Not sports, agree or don't, read or not.

As part of the continuing experience of Shooter remembering that he's earned a college education while many others in his genetic pool have not, I've been seeing an ever increasing number of people telling me, in my social streams, with an ever rising amount of indignation, about whose lives matter, and how Some Uppity People are wrong for some perceived exclusion about that.

To which, the following Brief and Obvious Point.

You utter, hopeless, remarkably tone deaf idiots.

When police murder (note: murder, not kill, there is a difference), that's your tax dollars at work, along with mine, and everyone else's. When police murder, the people they murder are overwhelmingly likely to not be Caucasian. When police murder, they are doing something that is astoundingly more destructive than when anyone else murders, because they are creating an atmosphere where *everyone* murders. It's kind of like how when the military torture. It's bad when anyone does it, but when someone is getting paid a freaking salary for it, complete with direct deposit and social security and the like? It simply ensures that more and more of it will happen in retribution.

Personally, I'm not a real big fan of Murder. I know, I know, I'm just a big pussy with kids and I must not be very American, what with my distaste for firearms and failure to think punitive rape by inmates is a Laff Riot. Moving on.

Police who murder need to be stopped. And until, well, this freaking year and the new ubiquity of connected video technology, they just about never were. Hell, they are barely getting stopped WITH the caught red-handed video.

So, well, no, there is no such thing as an overreaction to when police murder. There is no other side to be heard from when police murder. There is only excusing murder, because you have somehow gotten your mind twisted into the idea that police should have the right to murder, when, well, they do not, and never should. Even if the people they are murdering don't look very much like you, or have made different choices in their life that you would not.

If that is too hard of a line, so be it. If that shows a lack of support for police for some, fine. Honorable police should not want to defend police who murder, just as honorable military should not want to defend military who torture, just as honorable clergy should not want to defend priests who are pedophiles, and so on, and so on. Real, honest to Jehovah criminals do not drink from the public trough. I am "happier", and so should you be, when they murder, rather than police.

So when you hear how some group and their lives matter? It's not because they matter *more* than anyone else. It's because, up until very goddamned recently, they mattered a hell of a lot *less*. To the point of not mattering at all.

And the fact that this seems to be *news* to you, or that you can't allow for any freaking change to the awful status quo, because you live your life staring at a scoreboard that does not exist in reality, and any group getting under the thumb of lifelong oppression is a threat to your way of life...

Well, that's as good of a definition of white privilege as any, isn't it?

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