Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Three Brief And Obvious Points

Solid Advice
> Column in my marketing and advertising feed today about a big rugby match in Chicago at Soldier Field, where the writer (an ex player, naturally, as these are the only people in America who ever talk about this sport) asks if it can catch on here.

The answer, of course, is No. Rugby is not part of the American sporting scene, and it is very, very difficult for any sport to wedge its way in. I don't care, and no one else does either, if it's in the Olympics again. We stopped caring about the Olympics as for anything other than the human rights and corruption stories.

> Since the Eagles have won three fake games by a very large amount of points, and QB Sam Bradford is 4-for-4 in leading drives that end in touchdowns, the folks in town are (bless their Charlie Brown-ish oversized, empty heads) convinced that everything that Nero Kelly did in the off-season was justified.

Um, no.

Last year's team started off 6-2 as well, you utter freaking mooks. What part of this team, a year older on the offensive line and now two starters thinner, makes you think that's not going to happen again? And once it does, that Bradford doesn't get hurt, and we're looking through our fingers at Mark Sanchez?

No, no, a thousand times, no. Stocking the rest of the NFL with starting personnel for no return on investment is not defensible, not even when you win fake games by a lot. Hell, not even when you win *real* games by a lot. Wake me when Nero beats a real defense.

> Ronda Rousey says she's going to retire in a few years.

Um, she's in movies, right? And in commercials? Hence, able to make money without putting her face and life at risk?

Yeah, retirement in a few years is what's always said at this point in the process. And if she's smart enough to bank what's coming in, or figure out ways to have her money make money, then it might actually happen.

But if she's no smarter than the guys that do this for a living?

Well, she'll be in there until they don't pay her to do it any more, or someone doesn't let her do it any more.

Equality isn't always pretty, folks.

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