Sunday, September 20, 2015

Top 13 Positive Takeaways for Eagles Fans

Clap Hard For Tinker Chip
13) If you watched today's game against Dallas, there's a reasonable chance that you have seen the worst football game ever played, so everything else is a step up

12) Evan Mathis went to a good home upstate, where he gets lots of fresh air and sunshine

11) Booing will be much less of a problem, since people without hope generally don't do that

10) Many people with the relatively common last name of Bradford, Maxwell or Murray will be able to save on jerseys soon

9) If the Eagles want to sign QB Sam Bradford to a contract extension, the price just got a lot lower

8) Kiko Alonso is really experienced at rehabbing a knee from an ACL issue

7) You kind of felt dirty rooting for DeMarco Murray anyway

6) It will be much easier to remember how to spell Maxwell as the answer to Worst Free Agent Cornerback Signing Ever than Asomugha

6) It's not as if anyone else in the NFC East is going to win a playoff game, especially with all of the injuries

5) The ex-Eagles RB having the best year is Dion Lewis, not LeSean McCoy, and DeSean Jackson is hurt, so there

4) Since the team has a really great culture and really good character guys, there won't be any finger pointing, dissension or turmoil

3) Going to San Jose for the Super Bowl would have disappointingly expensive, and the weather out there at that time of year isn't all that great

2) Now that the team hasn't won a meaningful game since last Thanksgiving, you might stop hearing about how Chip Kelly Is A Super Genius

1) Riley Cooper, Billy Davis, Chip Kelly and Jeffrey Lurie are human, and as such, will one day die

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