Sunday, September 27, 2015

Top Ten NFL Week 3 Ad Questions

Short People Got / No Money...
10) Is Cam Newton followed everywhere he goes by a random and diverse group of Panther personnel, especially when he might buy yogurt?

9) Has anyone told Burger King that when food turns black, it's more diseased than spooky?

8) Can we get Congress to legislate against daily fantasy leagues, if only to stop the incessant advertising?

7) Why is Denis Leary angry about roosters, and how does it sell trucks?

6) Is Troy Aikmann an alcoholic, seeing how he's buying cases of beer at the world's loneliest gas station?

5) Has any man, let alone any black man, ever freaked out about not being able to fold a fitted sheet?

4) Can I play Halo without having to think very much about the back story?

3) How many people have Nissan drivers killed with their competitive driving?

2) Did the dad who bought his newlywed kids McDonalds for the post-wedding getaway hate them with his whole heart, or his whole heart and soul?

1) Can DirecTV replace Petite Randy Moss with Not Black Randy Moss, since we seem to be fine with ridiculing people for things they can not change?

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