Friday, October 16, 2015

A Brief and Obvious Point About Fan Fatalities

You Die In LA
Headline: Fan shot in AT&T Stadium parking lot after Cowboys-Patriots game dies

The victim was 43, and shot about two hours after the game. The shooter, 28, is said to have first held a gun to the head of a different man, but let that guy go. Later, he was "egged on" by others to kill the next guy.

So, um, good environment they've got down there in Dallas. I'll be sure to plan a future trip there. Also, I'm sure that we'll be hearing about this every time the fans in Dallas express unhappiness with the team.

This would be very, very upsetting if the fatality also involved a snowball, and a guy in a Santa suit.

Headline: Mets fan critically injured after fight in Dodger Stadium parking lot

Witnesses said the New York Mets fan was punched and then fell, hitting his head.

Keep in mind that on opening day in 2011, a San Francisco Giants fan was beaten to the point of traumatic brain injury in the Dodger Stadium parking lot.

I am sure that we will be hearing about this every time the fans in Los Angeles express unhappiness with the team.

Oh, wait, neither of these things happened fifty years ago, and involved a snowball and a drunk in a Santa suit.

Carry on, national sports media! You are doing God's work!

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