Sunday, October 4, 2015

A Brief and Obvious Point About Whether Eagle Fans Miss Andy Reid

Door Number Three, Please
No, no, a thousand times, no.

To review...

Reid's teams did not win a playoff game during the Obama Administration.

They lost multiple NFC Championship games at home.

They routinely fell apart against quality opponents, they endured massive upheaval at QB and defensive coordinator, and they never got better on clock and game management. Reid's teams in Kansas City haven't done anything special, and there hasn't been any groundswell about getting him, or any of his minions, back in place of Nero.

If there is any sense of wanting any part of the Reid Era back, it's the first five years of it, when the franchise had its best QB and S in the history of the laundry, and maybe the best RB as well. But that era was a very long time ago, and we don't get to back to it by just bringing back the past his prime coach. No one's going to hire Reid after he's done in Kansas City, and he's probably closer to the end there then he is the beginning.

As for Kelly... unless this turns into an utter trainwreck with 12+ losses, locker room meltdowns and scandal, he'll probably keep the gig for longer than he should. As the eternal dripping end of the Reid Era showed, owner Jeffrey Lurie is more stubborn than imagined, and probably thinks that one bad month doesn't mean his team can't still contend, so long as he just keeps the faith in Tinker Chip.

What we can hope for is that the job will seem so unpleasant for him, and some college will want to upgrade so much, that they'll float the charlatan too big of a check to refuse.

After all, we know Nero has walked away from spouses and jobs before, all while talking about Culture. It's not as if money, and people who just go along with the idea that he's a genius who should not be questioned, won't turn his head.

Until then, we'll all get to feel stupid for watching the games. But not to the point of actually wanting to bring back Cap'n Andy.


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