Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Chip Kelly Is Lying, Again

Lie and Play Harder
So in the aftermath of the latest Chip Kelly loss to an actually good team (more on that later), this small tidbit as to why Actual RB1 Ryan Mathews only got a half dozen carries, just one after scoring the longest rushing touchdown in the laundry in years...

Mathews had a hamstring issue.

No, seriously.

The RB who took it to the house, out-running DBs who were 20 pounds lighter than him... was hurt. Which is why he kept going out there in more or less the same rotation as before, because you want your hurt guy to be doing blitz protection and running wheel routes.

I don't care why Kelly can't just use his best actual RB, rather than the one who just cashes the largest paychecks. At this point, Nero making the wrong decision is just par for the course. Maybe he's just saving him to the theoretical playoffs, since Mathews has battled injury issues for most of his career. I also don't care that he lies to the Philadelphia media. If I were the Eagles coach (what a glorious two weeks that would be), I think I'd tell the media nothing but outrageous lies.

But I do care that what appears to be yet another in a series of lies (Evan Mathis, DeSean Jackson, etc.) isn't being reported as, well, anything but a freaking lie. And if Mathews was really hurt and still so dramatically faster than DeMarco Murray, that's yet another indictment of Nero GM's malfeasance. There's just no way out of this. Either Nero is lying about Mathews' being hurt -- which we were all able to see, with our own eyes -- or he's lying about a guy's health, just to try to get out of an actual line of questioning from the slowly waking media. (Oh, and Nero also claimed that Duce Staley decides who plays, and when. And if you believe that, I've got bridges to sell you, because you look like the kind of person who isn't going to settle for just one bridge.) Who said bye weeks were dull?

One final thing about the Panthers... man alive, would Philly Fan mark out huge for that club, if only they called this town home. Tough and physical defense (there's a reason why the Eagle WRs dropped so many balls, people), a stud QB who is physical enough to buy time for his sub-par WRs, and a lunchpail running back who runs through contact...

Wait, are we sure the Panthers *aren't* the early Donovan McNabb Eagles?

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