Sunday, October 11, 2015

My Eagles - Saints Story (AKA, No Diary)

Something like this
Here's the level of my Eagles fandom right now...

I was driving home from Philly this morning, having played a fun round of golf at my ancestral home for such things. About an hour away from home, I got a text from a friend, saying he had a spare ticket for today's game, and was I interested.

All I had to do, really, was drive near a subway stop, and take the train to the game. It was a gorgeous day outside. with no threat of rain or inclement weather. I had no idea how much the ticket would cost, but with less than an hour to go, I can't imagine my man was asking for much, if anything.

It took me about five seconds to say no.

Part of it was that just skipping out on my family, who had plans and a desire for me to watch the dog, would be a little unfair. But mostly, it was about not wanting to be near this franchise, not wanting to be tempted to put money in their pocket through the purchase of concessions, and not wanting to be near anyone who roots for the laundry if things went the way they went, well, for six of the last seven games when both teams were, well, trying.

I'm glad the home team won. I'm glad the offensive line showed a semblance of a pulse, and got better as the game went on, despite a host of niggling injuries. I'm glad that Brandon Maxwell resembled a CB, that DeMarco Murray had his best game as an Eagle and had moments where he looked like a credible RB3 (which is what he is on this team; Ryan Mathews is just better). I'm glad that Fletcher Cox had a great game, because the world should know how good Fletcher Cox is. I'm happy that Josh Huff had a game in which he didn't look like a tire fire of a third round pick, and that Sam Bradford had another game where he didn't get hurt and got better as things went on.

But I'm also glad I didn't go.

Mostly because I'm not fooled by this. Bradford kept this game close with some Sanchez-esque picks, none of which were defensible, or the fault of the WR. Head coach Nero Kelly still did derpy nonsense like calling low percentage throws on fourth downs, and never giving his defense a chance to take advantage of great field position. The club is committed to giving Murray the most touches, despite him being their worst full-time RB. Defensive coordinator Bill Davis remains the absolute worst at giving his charges schemes that work to get them off the field on third and long, and the offensive tempo and inventiveness isn't anywhere near past years. K Caleb Sturgis is still a mess, and at some point, they are going to face an offense with a line, QB and WRs; so far this year, they've only ever faced, at most, two of the three, and usually, it's the QB who's lacking. New Orleans looked like one of the worst teams in football today, and tends to do that a lot on the road. It's going to take a lot more to get me anywhere near this bandwagon again.

And in the meantime, I need a computer that's more reliable, the team needs a GM with a spine and an offensive line, and we're one game deeper into the Bradford Era, and one game less enthused about it. Next week, the Giants on half a day of shorter rest, a team that Nero beat twice last year, once when both teams were trying. If they win, they'll be at .500, tied for first in the worst division in the NFL, and well on track to giving Nero way too much rope to hang us all.

Go team!

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