Thursday, October 8, 2015

Quick and Dirty MLB Playoff Predictions

No time for thinking, thanks to the play-in games and General Life.

HOUSTON at Kansas City

I was going to take either WC winner against the Royals, who limp into the post-season with a starting pitching staff that really disqualifies them from any further consideration. Sure, they might catch lightning in a bottle again, the home fans are ravenous and the bullpen is first rate, but starting every game with a deficit is no way to live.

Chicago at ST LOUIS

The Cardinals usually roll in this matchup, but the Cubs are going to be a tough out. They've got credible starting pitching, an experienced post-season manager in Joe Madden, and enough callow starters that aren't aware that this is all too much, too soon. Unfortunately for them, once the series gets deep enough, and their terrible bullpen lets them down, they'll learn that few things in life are as inevitable as the Cardinals annoying the rest of the nation by being the organization that they wished they rooted for. Jerks.

(Earlier: TORONTO over Texas, LOS ANGELES over New York. We were 1-1 in the WC round.)

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