Sunday, October 4, 2015

Top 10 NFL Week 4 Ad Questions

Sink full of Luck
10) How do refs who lie, rather than consult easily available replay evidence, help to sell insurance?

9) Do you have to wallow in mud before using Autotrader?

8) Are Dodge drivers who need an irresponsible amount of horsepower prone to exceptional paranoia?

7) Why is the guy who is watching NFL replays in an office the next day employed?

6) Is asking for breakfast all day from McDonald's while being obnoxious on Twitter a cry for help?

5) Did Buffalo Wild Wings have enough time to do anything but punch out a list of words after their "League" guy's ads got trashed for lying about his 9/11 experience?

4) If I get a new iPhone with Verizon, can I opt out of confetti?

3) Do people who buy Lincolns in soundless vague commercials always play card games without gambling?

2) Is there some focus group finding that points to Norm McDonald in long underwear as something that provokes the consumption of chicken?

1) Does the fact that Andrew Luck's beard hair comes out in clumps give us any clue as to his terrible year to date?

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