Sunday, October 11, 2015

Top 10 NFL Week 5 Ad Questions

Rut Roh
10) How long will it take for McDonald's to realize that asshats tweeting about breakfast isn't particularly compelling?

9) Can I play daily fantasy without a promo code or douchie facial hair?

8) How many actually funny people can DirecTV not make funny?

7) Is the best thing that KFC can say about its food is that it will fill you up?

6) Do you need to spend five figures on a truck to play in mud?

5) If you buy a Toyota, will you be followed by opera yodelers on a wide range of vehicles?

4) Is there a word in the English language that isn't being used as a promo code in daily fantasy?

3) Does everyone explain investment services to children?

2) Does Subway really want to reference criminal acts after their recent spokesperson problem?

1) Are guys who wear Levi's walking collections of STDs who will eventually be murdered by furious women?

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