Sunday, October 25, 2015

Top Ten NFL Week 7 Ad Questions

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10) Can Lexus customers accept anything less than optimal life moments, and if not, shouldn't they all just kill them selves?

9) How do the Kia Optima guys afford gas and drinks and the car payments, since they've quit their jobs to drive aimlessly around the country?

8) Has anyone noticed the creeping amount of fine print on daily fantasy Web site ads, given that they happen every 90 seconds or less on average?

7) If DFS sites are so good and lucrative, why can't their spokesman afford a razor or a decent shirt?

6) Does Ford make a van that isn't windowless and stalker-tastic?

5) How did we live without phones telling us answers to questions that only an idiot would ask?

4) What details does Budweiser deal with, when they've made the same damn thing for 139 years?

3) Do Citibank users lack the ability to say something before their thoughtless offspring ruin the carpet?

2) Can Chevy talk to non-white people about trucks?

1) Does anyone use NFL Shop for anything but passive aggressive gifts?

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