Friday, October 16, 2015

Worthless Championship Series MLB Predictions

As always these days, no time for niceties.

Kansas City at TORONTO

Both teams taken to the wall to get here, both teams with all kinds of reasons to think that they are destiny, but only one team with home field, better pitching, and loads more power. I don't know what vodoo the Royals do to just keep winning series that they should not, but it ends here.

Blue Jays in Six

CHICAGO at New York

The Cubs just look more complete to me, and while the starting pitching isn't quite as likely to hit triple digits and look impossible, the position players hit for more power, and I don't think they really know they are supposed to get nervous in the playoffs. Hell of a series, and either team that goes should win it all.

Cubs in Six

Year to date: 2-4

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