Thursday, November 26, 2015

Eagles - Lions Takeaways

Caption Is Too Much Effort
> In a microcosm of the year, Brent Celek scored and got hurt

> RBs Theo Riddick and Joique Bell were wide open on routes from the backfield, which doesn't say much for Mychal Kendricks, or how the pass defense has just fallen apart after the loss of MLB Jordan Hicks

> Just to make sure the team beatdown was total, K Caleb Sturgis missed an early figgie

> If there is a defense in the NFL that produces more comfort than the Eagles in the last two weeks, I haven't seen it

> When Mssrs. Buck and Aikman can see your personnel flaws, they are visible from space

> When the Lion offense failed to score a touchdown on a drive in this game, it was a matter of unforced error, rather than any actual act of defense

> Rookie CB Eric Rowe got solo coverage on WR Calvin Johnson, because DC Billy Davis knows no other scheme than Line Them Up And See What Happens

> The game-ending drive to end the game that lead off the second half was in no way like last week's game-ending drive to start the second half

> For the second straight week, Chump Kelly punted and quit on his team, because he's got nearly as much heart as his defense

> Third down sacks against this offense are so obvious, I kept wondering why Kelly wouldn't just start punting on third

> Before Detroit took their foot off the gas, the defense gave up 80 points in 100 minutes

> I'd add in more takeaways from the fourth quarter, but that would be showing more effort than the Eagles

> This is the franchise's first loss on Thanksgiving, the official end of any post-season chance, and the very last moment that anyone in the NFL needs to regard Kelly as anything but a punchline

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