Sunday, November 22, 2015

Eagles - Bucs Takeaways

Just 6 more games of this, please
> It was nice to see WR Josh Huff not only score, but do it on a good play while not celebrating like a moron

> There's no truth to the rumor that PR Darren Sproles cleaned the clock of a gunner on Tampa's first punt because the guy reminded him of HC Chump Kelly

> The Eagle defense could not avoid offsides on third downs because they were too excited about rushing the QB

> It took less than a quarter for anyone who might have thought Mark Sanchez was better than Sam Bradford to forget they ever said that bit of nonsense

> The Eagle CBs showed their historic tendency to be not be very good against WRs that don't, well, stink

> The fact that the offense can now start well and then fail is an encouraging development into the proof that this entire season is more or less a testament to the power of random chance with utter mediocrity

> TE Zach Ertz tried to hurdle a man for an extra 10 yards and got concussed, which pretty much describes his entire time in the laundry

> I'm not saying that Eagle Fan was lacking intensity, but I've been on louder golf courses

> Whenever you see David Diehl and Dick Stockton, you know you are watching a game that does not matter

> The Eagle defense gave up over 500 yards and 5 TDs to a team with a rookie QB, turnstile offensive line, and intermittent at best effectiveness

> Doug Martin's fantasy owners are bitter that the 235 yards somehow did not include a touchdown

> I'm not saying that I lost the will to live watching the Bucs' first drive in the third quarter, with an immense length of possession, penalties, and cotton-soft third down conversions, but the will to watch this franchise is long gone

> It was nice of the Bucs to fail to catch a wide open pass in the end zone, so K Connor Barth had to make something other than a PAT

> I'm glad that Kelly got rid of all of the bad actors and me-first guys, because otherwise the team might have quit in this one

> If there is a single person in Eagle Nation who believes in Chump as a coach, GM, biped, mammal or vertebrate after watching this game, I'd like to sell them many bridges, since they are going to be great long-term customers

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John Bambach Jr. said...

How do we get rid of Kelly? This is such a mess.

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