Sunday, November 15, 2015

Top 10 NFL Week 10 Ad Questions

Hey Hey, Hey Hey
10) Is there ever going to be a time when someone doesn't try to sell a car with "Back In Black"?

9) Can anyone watch the PA instant lottery game ads without in haunting their dreams?

8) If JJ Watt cuts down wood in the forest, but isn't wearing his football jersey, did it really happen?

7) Wouldn't getting an inside deal to get a car give you the sense that you'd be getting something with more cachet than a Ford?

6) Is Yungling certain that they are able to come through on that Just Lager boast?

5) Given that it might be the most ubiquitous and boring car on the road, how could anything beyond armed robbery make a Camry a bold choice?

4) Do you have to a certain kind of hole to be subject to showholes?

3) Is being abandoned in the middle of a snowy wasteland now an occupational hazard for car salesmen?

2) Does Humira's side effects include the ability to stop time and break the fourth wall?

1) Can you eat at, and/or play their new stamp game, at McDonald's without wearing idiot headgear?

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