Sunday, November 8, 2015

Top Ten NFL Week 9 Ad Questions

Birthday Sad
10) Is the Kia mom who secretly thinks her kid stinks at football not telling us other things about, say, her satisfaction in owning a Kia?

9) Is anyone else noticing the growth in prescription drug meds for old dudes on football games, or is this just narrow-casting to my own screen?

8) Does Luke McNown walk around in solitude while wearing his football uniform?

7) Why is Cardinals Wife calling about her fence, when she clearly knows that her idiot husband has taken it?

6) How does giant slingshots help to fight heartburn, or contribute to feelings of victory?

5) Does T-Mobile sell more phones by exploding geese?

4) Why, exactly, should someone want to open up a can of football?

3) Has anyone ever made a decision on what tablet computer to use based on what's on an NFL sideline?

2) Can I drive a Land Rover on asphalt?

1) Is there anything more sad than a Domino's pizza cake for your birthday?

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