Sunday, December 6, 2015

11 Absurd Facts From The Eagles-Patriots Game

The Eagles:

11) Traded the best RB (LeSean McCoy) in franchise history for an LB (Kiko Alonso) who can't stay healthy or make plays

10) Signed two RBs (DeMarco Murray, Ryan Mathews) for an ungodly amount of money, neither of whom can stay healthy or make plays

9) Gave the crucial clock-killing carry to a street meat RB (Kenjan Barner) over the roster's highest paid RB (Murray), who then promptly fumbled

8) Nearly gave up a 21-point lead in the fourth quarter, when they had 21 points in return touchdowns and a +1 turnover ratio

7) Won with 12 fewer first downs and 179 fewer yards

6) Gave up the usual 8+ minute time of possession gap, with 25 fewer plays on offense

5) Had to defend three onside kicks against a 10-1 (now 10-2) team that hadn't lost a home game to a team with a losing record in, well, forever

4) With a QB (Sam Bradford) who averaged just over 4 yards per attempt, and a leading rusher (Darren Sproles) with 66 yards

3) Gave up 5 more penalties for 67 more yards

2) Relied on Riley Cooper (Riley Cooper!) to make two critical and clutch plays in the last three minutes, and...

1) Are a Washington loss away from being tied for first place in their division, despite giving up 90 (90!) points in their last two games.

I've watched a lot of football, folks. Never seen a game like this, probably never will again. Absurd on every level.

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