Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Brief and Obvious Points About Andy Reid

1) He's the best coach in the history of my laundry, and he wasn't good enough. He was also was let go of his job in Philadelphia for strong and prolonged cause. No playoff wins in the Obama Administration is mostly his doing.

2) He hasn't won anything, yet, in Kansas City. Other than the opportunity to blow another playoff game, like when his team let the fraudulent Colts off the deck to win that pinball game last year.

3) The Eagles did not choose Chip Kelly over Reid. They chose to let Reid go, then they acquired Kelly. This isn't an either/or deal; Reid was gone, for cause, no matter what.

I'm not mad about Reid's success in turning around the 1-5 Chiefs. I just mostly don't give a damn. He doesn't coach here anymore, and Kansas City is not my laundry. If he somehow goes on to have a deep playoff run, I won't be rooting for, or against, his club, any more or less than because he's the coach now.

That's the way fandom works.

And anyone who tells you differently is selling you something. Mostly a big bunch of nonsense about DRAMA, as if it were anything but stories made up about games.

For me, the game is enough. It's that way for people who actually watch sports for, you know, sports.

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