Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Chip Kelly: Deluded Or Lying?

Also, This Isn't A Violin
Gentle Reader, I was so looking forward to not paying any more attention to Nero Kelly for many, many months. With his unwatch- able team now irrelevant, and the Sixers suddenly enjoyable again now that Ish Smith is back in town, my sports time was going the hell away from the least satisfying team since the end of the Reid, Kotite and Rhodes eras, and with a quickness. Just a meaningless game where the Chump insists on playing starters so we can learn nothing and potentially hurt draft position, just like last year's finale in New York, with the only thing to watch for being if QB Sam Bradford can (a) continue to build a case for a new contract and (b) not have his knees explode, and don't watch the defense for anything other than a sign whether or not Eric Rowe is a viable CB2 next year, and we're done. Come back in a week or two for the post-mortem, enjoy the departure of whoever goes (I have a wish list, but that is, again, for another day), and get hours of my life back.

And then the dear, dear embodiment of stupidity in man form decided to talk. Among the pearls of wisdom...

> His 6-win team in the second worst division in football, that only won their biggest games of the year due to special teams and takeaway luck, who were blown out in back to back weeks down the stretch, isn't a bad team

> Tackle Jason Peters, widely reported as quitting on the team with various injuries during the year, was blameless for hitting the sidelines in the DC loss, despite not taking post-game treatment for the elbow that was said to have sidelined him, and

> He's not the GM, lightweight flunkie Ed Marynowitz is, despite admitting that he has control of the 90-man roster.

Um, Chump?

Just what the blue hell do you think a GM does, other than have control of the 90-man roster?

And as for this utter and complete bullspit of how you are not a bad team?

Well, you've given up 400 points in 15 games for a point differential of -58. That's the fourth worst in the NFC, which makes you 13th out of 16, and the 10th worst out of all 32 NFL teams.

Since when has being the 13th out of 16 not made you, and the 22nd of 32, not, well, bad at something?

Which leads us to the following possibilities.

1) He believes what he's saying, and he's deluded beyond reason, and has about as much right to decide personnel or coach an NFL team as he does to fly an airplane, or

2) He's a habitual and pointless liar who is going to go to his unemployment, in zero to twelve months, spouting the same malfeasance and self-serving nonsense that he's been singing for, well, years.

The first, while possible, just isn't as plausible. The second is far more likely.

So remember this, and consider it in the light of the DeSean Jackson character assassination. Consider it in the wake of how Evan Mathis left the team for less money than what he would have made here. Mull over how he talks about character, while wanting to draft Dion Jordan instead of Lane Johnson, giving Riley Cooper more money than any other team ever would or will again, or how many Tim Tebow jerseys the team sold while Tyrod Taylor was sent packing. Think about when Chris Polk was tossed aside like so much garbage, so that Kelly could spend 10X on equivalent or worse backs. And in the very near future, when Peters is sent out for next to nothing, when the team bungles the Fletcher Cox contract, or when we get one last year of talking about bad breaks and injuries and sloppy execution that they are just going to clean up, any second now, honest and for true.

The man's a fraud. Has been for some time.

And the lies are getting easier and easier to spot.

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