Sunday, December 6, 2015

NFL Week 13 Ad Questions

Thinking Rocks
10) In their Star Wars fandom, is Dodge telling me their white cars can't shoot straight and are inherently disposable, and their black cars are driven by feeble old white men?

9) If I buy gear with Intel processors, will my car be invaded by annoying comic actors?

8) Is one of the side effects that can lead to death via Opdivo hearing about all of the ways that Opdivo can kill you?

7) Does anyone really care about the length and shape of their beer bottle?

6) Are Land Rover owners contractually obligated to rescue clueless dog sled drivers?

5) Do you get a special discount if your NFL Shop purchase is passive aggressive?

4) Is Fruit of the Loom's biggest issue that the wrong people are using it for gifting purposes?

3) If Buick's entire ad message is that they aren't like they once were, why use the name?

2) Do Lexus' owners hide car payment bills from their kids, and never take them near a dealership, so they can continue to believe in Santa?

1) Is Coors under the impression that mountains are sentient?

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