Thursday, December 3, 2015

NFL Week 13 Picks: Good and Sick

Deadly Force Me
This week, I've been waylaid by the usual amounts of Q4 work plus a persistent illness that has resisted sleep, fluids, exercise and drugs. Kind of like the Eagles, really. But the picks have actually been good (shh!) this year, so here's the abbreviated version for your gambling pleasure. If you need me, I'll be in quarrantine.

On to the picks!

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GREEN BAY (-3) at Detroit -- Aaron Rodgers with the recovery win. Again.

NY JETS (-2) at NY Giants -- If Big Blue can't get past the Slurs, why should they beat their tenants?

ARIZONA (-5.5) at St Louis -- At this line and with the Ram offense, you win if Red scores in double figures.

Atlanta at TAMPA (-2) - With good rookie QBs, you get the good performance every other week. Especially against a slow pass rush.

SEATTLE (even) at Minnesota -- Coin flip game, will take the better QB.

Houston at BUFFALO (-3) -- Just not seeing Brian Hoyer doing it on the road, in December, in cold weather. At least, theoretically cold weather. If climate change makes Buffalo habitable, that's just wrong.

BALTIMORE (+4) at Miami -- The Dolphins have no heart, pulse, plan.

CINCINNATI (-9.5) at Cleveland - The Factory of Sadness won't recover from the MNF block-6 loss.

JACKSONVILLE (+2.5) at Tennessee -- Is Blake Bortles actually good? Not really, but good enough to win here.

San Francisco at CHICAGO (-7) - Niners have been friskier than expected with Blaine Gabbert at QB, but Chicago at home with a 10am PST start should cover.

DENVER (-4) at San Diego -- The easiest road game in the NFL. Temperate climate, dead team walking from location change, and a defense that doesn't do much.

KANSAS CITY (-3) at Oakland -- KC's ability to plug and play with RBs has been impressive.

CAROLINA (-7) at New Orleans -- Possibility of road game upset mitigated by historically bad secondary.

Philadelphia at NEW ENGLAND (-10) - To beat Bill Belichick's 5th stringers on offense, the Eagles would have to care, scheme, and surprise. Nope, nope, and nope. I'd take this line at twice the points; will be done by the first drive of the third quarter, just like the last two weeks.

Indianapolis at PITTSBURGH (-7) - The erratic Steeler defense will show up at home, under the lights, against ancient Colt skill players.

Dallas at WASHINGTON (-4.5) - ESPN continues to get the worst game of the week. It's fitting. The Racial Slurs have been good at home; Dallas isn't good anywhere.

Last week: 10-6

Season: 94-76-2

Career: 712-708-47

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