Monday, December 21, 2015

Top 10 Eagles - Cardinals Takeaways

Remember, AZ Is Terrible
10) If you don't think Bruce Arians really dislikes Chip Kelly, he's criminally irresponsible for keeping his starters in until the last three minutes in a 20-point blowout

9) Not only did Marcus Smith play snaps in this game, he also even got near the QB, so that first round pick is totally working out

8) Sam Bradford made just enough great throws and terrible picks to continue his amazing run of satisfying all of his critics and fans

7) Bradford also received the biggest ovation of his Eagles career by coming in to replace Mark Sanchez after one snap off from injury

6) NBC wanted to make this all about DeMarco Murray for the Eagles not using him on a fourth and one near the end of the first half that changed the game, as if the play call and blocking were worth a damn either

5) John Brown dropped enough passes to make the game competitive for most of prime time, for which NBC was very grateful

4) How this was the best matchup to flex into prime time when Steelers-Broncos exists, no one will ever know

3) Only kneeldowns prevented the Cardinals from having 500 yards of offense

2) It's amazing to realize this, but the home team was fortunate to lose by just 23, given the -4 turnover ratio and runaway offensive performance by Arizona

1) The game meant nothing to the Eagles, since they would still need to win their last two games to get into the playoffs, and get their heads kicked in, just like they did in this game

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