Sunday, December 27, 2015

Top 10 NFL Week 16 Ad Questions

Man Time With Fries
10) If I pay extra for my airline ticket, can I get a guarantee that I will not hear terrible Beach Boys lyrics?

9) Is there a person on the planet that didn't have any previous access to the Beatles?

8) Doesn't celebrating your love of football with beer cans betray a remarkably sad life?

7) Is one of the side effects of Crestor installing hydraulics on your vehicle?

6) Does purchasing a cell phone from Wal-Mart cause your children to become delusional?

5) How is Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill complaining about Verizon, without comparing them to Native Americans that he wants to murder?

4) Would Dan Gronkowski be homeless if he didn't have his brother's coattails to ride?

3) If the best thing you can say about the pizza is the weird box it comes in, isn't that kind of an indictment of the, um, food?

2) Does Nissan sell a lot of cars to people who hallucinate about snow?

1) Will eating Burger King buffalo chicken fries turn your ring tone into something hopelessly femme and outdated?

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