Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Top 10 Reasons Why Jerry Colangelo Joined The Sixers

Youth, Vim And Vigor
10) Adam Silver made the team sign him, so that the club would stop making a mockery of competitive balance, and be as good as the Lakers or Nets

9) Colangelo is honored to be another asset that GM Sam Hinkie will flip in two months for a second round pick

8) Colangelo is here to rebuild the Sixers faster than Hinkie, who has been under no impression that wins matter before 2016

7) On some level, you can't go 38-147 without someone having some kind of managerial change, even if it's kind of the plan

6) The team realized that Kobe Bryant isn't coming by again to retire and fill the building

5) Colangelo at 76 is just the kind of fresh-faced Phoenix resident who has the new ideas and energy needed to turn things around

4) It's all Howard Eskin's idea, because Eskin loves anything that punishes Hinkie for thinking, correctly, that Howard Eskin does not now, and never has, mattered

3) This means the team is going to be in the market for all of those hot free agents that want to go to the youngest team in NBA history, with a 38-147 record in the last 2.25 years

2) Other NBA owners no longer taking Hinkie's calls, for fear that they'll never have another second round pick again

1) Other teams are tired of low attendance from Sixers games, and will put Colangelo on the posters to fill the arena

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