Sunday, December 13, 2015

Top 10 takeaways from Eagles - Bills

Game Changer
10) LeSean McCoy kissed the ground, because he really loves the ground in South Philadelphia

9) Nelson Agholor caught a touchdown as a professional, and didn't do a flip, but still damn near hurt himself in the celebration

8) Zach Ertz nearly had a hundred yards, and broke a tackle on a big play, all without getting injured

7) While McCoy was kept out of the end zone and didn't have a monster day (109 yards on 24 total touches, with 20 carries for 74), there's no doubt that he's still a much better RB than DeMarco Murray (11 carries for 34 yards, 2 catches for 3), and that Chip Kelly Eats Paste

6) Buffalo had 17 penalties to 5 for the home team, with 58 more yards, because that's how Rex Ryan's teams roll

5) The Eagles special teams made another big play in this game, which tends to happen in actual wins

4) A 3-point home win in a game where you are +1 in turnovers and have a massive edge in penalties is more proof that Kelly's plan is totally working, and that everyone who has pointed out how bad all of his off-season moves have turned out is just mean, mean, mean

3) The win moved the team to 3-1 against the AFC East, with the only loss coming against, of course, Miami

2) McCoy didn't talk to the media after the game, which was, of course, far more important than anything else if you are the godawful Philadelphia sports media

1) Since the Racial Slurs somehow also won, the entire exercise just kicks the can down the road another week

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