Sunday, December 27, 2015

Top 12 consolations for Eagles fans

You Can Ignore Him Now
12) Sam Bradford didn't play well enough to get a monster contract extension before his next career-threatening injury

11) Kiko Alonso can't be any worse next year, and if he is, maybe getting back Jordan Hicks will help him get cut

10) You're going to enjoy watching Seattle tear apart Washington in two weeks a lot more than watching them tear apart Philly or New York

9) They were going to lose next week in New York anyway, because that would have irritated you even more

8) The season-ending fumble by DeMarco Murray helps everyone forget his earlier touchdown, which might have kept him in town for another year

7) If the touchdown drop by Nelson Agholor doesn't help motivate him into an off-season training regimen, nothing will

6) Giving up the most touchdown passes in Eagles defensive history will help the team flush out more DBs in a continuing parade of clowns

5) If this year didn't get DC Billy Davis run, absolutely nothing on this earth will

4) Maybe now, we can finally stop hearing about Kelly's back to back 10-win seasons

3) The team still snaps the ball faster than any other team, which is very, very important

2) In your heart of hearts, you knew DeSean Jackson was right, and secretly enjoy watching him end Chip on an annual basis

1) After one more year of this frustrating, pointless and irresponsible mess, we might get a real coach or GM

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