Sunday, January 24, 2016

Cardinals - Panthers Takeaways

No Need To Comment
> For the second straight week, a well-regarded NFC West team got absolutely trucked by the home team

> Imagine how good this Panther team would be with WRs that were better than Ted Ginn Jr. and Name TBD Brown

> It's a good thing that Carson Palmer won his first playoff game last week, otherwise he might have come out flat and turnover-happy in this one

> Patrick Peterson's muffed punt was a back breaker, but to be fair, the Cardinals' back was going to be broken in so many other ways

> Larry Fitzgerald used up all of his Hero Moments last week, obviously

> Palmer's hurt finger might have contributed to his terrible game, and the lack of Tyrann Mathiew also didn't help, both of whom were hurt late in a blowout against the Eagles, because Bruce Arians is kind of an asshat

> The Panthers' ability to compete with Street Meat DBs is more than a little surprising, and an excellent reason why every NFL team didn't hire Sean McDermott to be their new head coach

> Despite the crushing defeat, David Johnson is all kinds of good as a RB, assuming Palmer's career doesn't go Full Delhomme after this

> If LB Stephen Davis is hurt enough to miss the Super Bowl, Carolina should still win going away

> It was nice of Arizona's WRs to try to play as badly as Palmer, so he wouldn't stand out so much

> This 17-1 team with the most obvious MVP in recent NFL history might be really good

> Newton might be the only QB in NFL history for whom 3rd and 10 is a good bet to convert by just running it

> Palmer's injured finger and the absence of Tyrann Mathieu means that Chip Kelly had his revenge on Arians, but um, next year's Cardinals-49ers games won't keep that ledger tidy

> Panthers' HC Ron Rivera went for 2 while up 25 with 5 minutes left, because LOL this game

> There's a really good chance that the Panthers faced their best opponent in their first playoff game

> Arizona threw the ball after the Panthers took a knee, because Arians is also kind of a dick

> Bengal Fan laughed a lot during this game, and Raider Fan too

> I will gladly take the Panthers with anything under 14 in the Super Bowl in two weeks

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