Saturday, January 16, 2016

Top 10 Chiefs - Patriots Takeaways

Take Some More Time, Sir
10) Danny Amendola went head hunting with an absurd spear, but since he did it at his 4 yard line, it only cost the crafty Patriots 2 yards

9) Andy Reid's magical clock management skills prevented the team from being able to use running plays late in the firt half in the red zone, and that wasn't even his worst moment of clock management in the game

8) The Patriots always get a key turnover from their opponent in their wins, with RB4 Knile Davis doing the job this time

7) Jason Avant caught a deep third down, amazing everyone who (a) thought he was out of the league by now, and (b) didn't know he was allowed to run more than 10 yards downfield

6) This just in: when he's healthy, Rob Gronkowski is the most ridiculous TE weapon in NFL history

5) Down 15 midway through the third, Alex Smith made the play of his life to stay alive long enough to connect to Avant, leading to an eventual touchdown and the continuation of a trace amount of Drama

4) Chandler Jones heroically shook off a self-inflicted injury from synthetic marijuana to register a sack, so let's all celebrate him

3) The Chiefs got away with clear DPI with 10+ minutes left, so that the game could keep that Drama alive, as well as keep everyone in doubt about the legitimacy of NFL officiating

2) Just to show you how well the Patriots have sold their souls to Satan, the killshot play was a deflected throw on a play call that was so pointless and terrifying, Tom Coughlin thought it was stupid

1) As shown by middle throws and huddling with under two minutes left and down 14, Reid's ability to kill the clock while behind is unmatched in NFL history

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