Saturday, January 9, 2016

Top 10 Chiefs - Texans Takeaways

Last NFL Appearance
10) Any team that plays, employs, or allows Brian Hoyer to wear their colors deserves what they get

9) The Chiefs were an arm's length from a killshot touchdown on their first possession of the game

8) As an offensive plan goes, Mess With JJ Watt's Mind On Every Down isn't bad

7) When your fans are openly pulling for Brandon Weeden to come in, you officially have no QB

6) Jeremy Maclin and JJ Watt went out of the game on the same play, just to make sure that the home team next week wins easily

5) Andy Reid did all he could to keep the home team in this game, but the Texans were just too damned terrible

4) It's rare when you see a team lose the game on the opening kickoff, but the AFC South was just that special this year

3) This game was so bad, and over so quickly, Texas Fan didn't even have time to make the entire day about guns

2) In the time it took you to read this takeaway, Hoyer committed another turnover

1) I always appreciate it when the NFL conspires to give ESPN the worst playoff game

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