Sunday, January 3, 2016

Top 10 Eagles - Giants Takeaways

Embrace The Wisdom
10) I'd say this game had the intensity of pre-season, but I don't want to demean pre-season

9) For the second straight year, the Eagles lost by winning in New York to end the year, but watching a Manning lose is always fun

8) Had Blue simply ran the ball every play, they win this game by a lot

7) It was nice of the Giants to comp Tom Coughlin for all of his grandchildren, and to let him quit on his own terms

6) Both of the fantasy team owners that had Rasheed Jennings in their active rosters had their faith restored today

5) Zach Ertz is absolutely deadly in late season games that do not matter

4) Sam Bradford went 30 for 38 for 320 with 2 TDs and 1 INT, which is about as hog-wild as a QB in this offense can get

3) The turnover score by Walter Thurmond was a 14-point play, which seems required for the Eagles to win a game (see New England)

2) Thanks to the win, England is safe from the horror that is an Eagles road game in 2016, and losing by winning seems like the perfect end note to the Kelly Era, honestly

1) Thanks to his TD score and terrible fumble, DeMarco Murray gave something to everyone -- those he thinks he should stay or leave

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