Saturday, January 16, 2016

Top 10 NFC Divisional Playoff Ad Questions

Hard On Earth
10) Has anyone in this millennium ever been truly excited about eating food that costs $2?

9) Wouldn't people who are fearless at 50 refuse to join a retirement organization that's mostly about securing coupons?

8) How do hellish open floor office plans help to sell delivery services?

7) If Refund Season is so lucrative for H&R Block, why are their ads in black and white?

6) Can I buy a Kia without enjoying complex piano music?

5) Considering that younger people care much more about mobile devices, should AT&T really stress their history of phone work?

4) If I get insurance through Progressive, do I have to eat with a smarmy pile of paper?

3) Are only the relatives of military people able to have ridiculous businesses that serve unsatisfying small amounts of food?

2) If you bring beer to a chardonnay party, aren't you just really cheap and tone-deaf?

1) Why does Ford have to break so many stones, and does breaking stones help to sell trucks?

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