Sunday, January 10, 2016

Top 10 Packers - Racial Slurs Takeaways

Stop Wearing Redface, Sir
10) Erin Andrews' love for Kirk Cousins in the pre-game interview was positively lubricated

9) The Packers spent the first quarter making the combination of wind and the Slur defense look like the '85 Bears

8) Reading DC Fan's love of Cousins and TE Jordan Reed in social media reminds you of just how deluded this fan base has become

7) Fox's cheer leading for a return to relevance for the DC Franchise, and their quadrennial Things Are Looking Up For This Dumpster Fire Speech, is a marvelous NFC lEast tradition

6) This game saw the return of Good Aaron Rodgers, which will cause a fair number of people to make the line for next week's loss very tasty

5) Because DeSean Jackson is uppity, his failure to score by putting the ball in jeopardy for a fumble at the goal line was the critical failing for the Slurs in this game, rather than the defense that turned into turnstiles for the last three quarters in a 17 point loss

4) The bitterness of Eddie Lacy and Randall Cobb fantasy owners in social media could be drizzled out and served on pancakes

3) Cousins' ability to complete a lot of short throws that don't threaten the defense isn't exactly an elite level skill

2) The road teams went 4-0 on Wild Card Weekend, because two of the divisions were dumpster fires, and the other two games were absolute coin flips that went the right/wrong way, so by all means, Draw Big Conclusions From This

1) The end of the NFC lEast season means that, after a final flurry of what is liked and what is not liked, we can retire that tiresome meme

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