Sunday, January 17, 2016

Top 10 Sunday NFL Divisional Playoff Ad Questions

Wasted Youth
10) By what twisting of the English language is more pizza from Domino's described as a reward?

9) How many second half advertisers in the Seattle - Carolina beatdown started drinking in the second quarter?

8) Why are songs about telescopes being used to sell phones?

7) Are the proud cable TV family with old-fashioned ability to do for themselves happier with life than the satellite people?

6) Can't Rashida Jones think of more upsetting things to say to her Internet obsessed friends than clown babies?

5) If your head explodes after using, doesn't the problem of an exploded head ruin any potential cost savings?

4) Are Dodge drivers all rapists, or at the very least, driven by men who have to convince the women in their life to have sex due to their choice of car?

3) Why would anyone want to patronize a service as the same people who shoehorn the non-word "bro" into every other word?

2) Do the Nationwide spots prove that Peyton Manning lives a world without friends, where he's constantly humming to himself, and if so, how does this sell insurance?

1) Are any of the FedEx Kids going to live long enough to realize how badly they squandered their childhood?

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