Sunday, January 10, 2016

Top 10 Vikings - Seahawks Takeaways

10) In case you somehow missed it, it was really cold out there, and as much as NBC wanted to say Old School Football Is Great, Um, Well, It's Actually Freaking Dull

9) Doug Baldwin made an absurd one handed catch to convert a third down, which given the conditions, was really catch of the year stuff

8) Seattle's communication issues and waste of timeouts gave everyone early warning that they were going to struggle like mad

7) Through three quarters, PK Blair Walsh had outscored every player in this game, 9-0, so he had that Vontaze Burfict Hero Early Thing Going

6) Both teams seemed very invested in running a lot of clock and making the game shorter, which was probably a good thing

5) Seattle's best offensive play of the game was a broken play where QB Russell Wilson didn't panic about a bad snap

4) Minnesota's plan to have all of their top CBs get hurt at once was not good

3) The downside of continuing to be patient and feeding Adrian Peterson is that eventually, he's going to fumble it, too

2) NBC was very excited about the temperature getting down to zero degrees

1) There could have been twenty murders during this game, and no one would remember it for anything more than Walsh's laces in shank to miss the chip shot game winner and lose the game

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