Sunday, January 17, 2016

Top 11 Steelers - Broncos Takeaways

One more week of Ol' Forehead
11) Bronco K Brandon McManus made all of his attempts, and became the first NFL player ever from Temple to make a difference in a game

10) Rather than try a tying long field goal at altitude, Pittsburgh tried a manageable fourth down and took a shot at the end zone, because HC Mike Tomlin is crazy aggro

9) Both teams played this so close to the vest that a single fumble from a deep reserve RB doomed the Steelers

8) It turns out that the only thing you really need to stop two of the most successful QBs in NFL history is a strong breeze, a crippling amount of age, and a concussion to the best WR in the NFL

7) On the first play from scrimmage, Ben Roethlisberger threw deep and missed an open man, which was simultaneously encouraging and maddening

6) There's an amazing number of teams that totally whiffed on Martavis Bryant, and the Steelers have a seemingly inexhaustible number of good WR prospects

5) Rather than try a 50 yard field goal at altitude in the fourth quarter, Tomlin decided to punt, which netted all of 14 yards and showed that he's crazy conservative

4) Peyton Manning is very aware of his limitations at this point in his career, which is why the Broncos ran it three times in the red zone late, and scored the game-winning touchdown

3) The NFL unveiled a new and totally indefensible rule, which is that we reward teams for muffing punts into their end zone

1) If we consolidated both of these teams, we're probably still giving New England a de facto Super Bowl bye, again, because watching the NFL makes you a world-class masochist

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