Thursday, March 24, 2016

Today In Liar Says What: Chip Kelly's Revisionist History

So there was a press conference today, and the worst GM in Eagles history... continues to say he wasn't really the GM, and it's just the Eagles' facackta management situation that kept things from being, well, still in power here.

As the Not GM.

Now, I get that you'd *want* to not own the GM moves of the Nero Kelly Era, much in the same way that despots have tried to whitewash history for, well, forever. But, Um, No. You're the asshat that released DeSean Jackson and Evan Mathis because they were uppity. You were all-in on Mark Sanchez and Riley Cooper and Brandon Maxwell and Kiko Alonso and a dozen utterly useless Ducks.

And the idea that you keep saying this wasn't the case, and that stooge Ed Marynowitz had any real say, or maybe Jeff Lurie and Howie Roseman were somehow playing some kind of long game on you to saddle the team with all of those guys you didn't want...

You know what? I'm sorry, folks. I don't have to put up with this asshat any more, and yet, I'm still putting up with this asshat. He's 3000 miles away, on a franchise that won't be relevant again in a decade, in a stadium that's 50 miles away from its fan base, with a management team that hired one good coach in this century, then ran him off because he was getting too much pub.

It does not matter what he says, because he's a worthless liar, fad coach, crap talent scout, and historical footnote. The past two months of Roseman has had more good moves than the previous three years of Nero, because Roseman isn't an egocentric insane person.

So keep on saying whatever, Nero. But you might want to start working on your excuse as to why the Niners won't win, rather than sticking with why the Eagles didn't. Never hurts to get ahead of the angry mob...

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