Monday, April 18, 2016

Top 10 things we learned from the NBA's Opening Weekend Of Playoff Play

Sure, This Is Relevant
10) It's nice to have an ineffective van Gundy back on the sideline, as well as in the booth

9) The Warriors trucked the Rockets so badly, they aren't even freaking out over Stephen Curry having ankle issues

8) Toronto's loss, and their country's shutout from NHL playoff action, has made Canadians so depressed that they are only 3X more polite than Americans now

7) Memphis is so beaten up and outclassed in their matchup with the Spurs that they are now being officially referred to as the Byes

6) The majority of games this weekend were drama-free blowouts, because the NBA is trying something new and having the later rounds have the more interesting series

5) Atlanta and Boston are going to have a wildly entertaining series to see who can get trucked by the Cavs

4) By the end of the Heat-Hornets series, even the people who still think Hitler Downfall parodies are fresh are going to want to turn the page on Sad Michael Jordan

3) Oklahoma City's strategy of having the three best players on the court on their team is really working out against Dallas

2) Feel free to humor your NHL friends who want to tell you their playoffs are better, because caring about soccer on ice just warps people

1) If your mind has already snapped from too many "Angry Birds" promo tie-ins, please keep in mind that you normally are eating an Adam Sandler bio sammich right about now

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